The knee thing

As you all know my knee got hurt at my first race januari the 15th. Irritated IT band and pain and all that stuff. Really annoying and frustrating. In the past three weeks I did five testruns. And I think I’m good to go! Steady and easy of course.

Did an almost 5k run Sunday. It was really windy, it took my breath away. Literally. Pace wasn’t that fast and my heart rate was sky high. I’d rather have the other way around. But it will be better eventually. And a sucky run is still better than no run at all.

Last Monday I was supposed to start with my half marathon training plan. Not gonna happen… Yet. The next two weeks I’m gonna use to get fully recovered from my knee injury and then slowly move into my half marathon plan.

How will I recover the next two weeks? Maximum three runs a week, definitely not long runs. Vary in speed and distance from medium and short runs. Do a lot of foam rolling and a lot of exercises for my hips, knees and posterior chain to fix imbalances and make all muscles equally strong. And of course improving my cycling fitness and becoming a better swimmer.

I actually hope all three activities benefit from each. Fingers crossed my two recovery weeks will go well. I want to be strong and fast for my most exciting half marathon ever! Yes, I still can’t believe it. In June I’m gonna run a half marathon in Svalberd. Svalberd, my first trip ever to the Arctic circle. Not sure if I want it to be a PB race or just enjoy the view and go with the flow.

Actually you can still join me. Check the site and see what it’s all about. The adventure awaits on this journey. If you use code NATALIA you get a € 200 discount! I just love discounts.

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