Post-flu things

Latest plan after my tiny knee mishap was to get half marathon training ready in two weeks. Sounded very reasonable at the time. Then life happened and I got the flu! Just as the rest of the population worldwide. So week one just passed by…

And again I need to change my schedule and see what is do-able to get half marathon ready. I really hope this knee thing and the flu are the last two hurdles. Finishing a half marathon plan on its own is already very challenging for me. Just without all the hassle that’s happening now.

So I just finished a short test ride on my bike on Zwift. I’m still coughing a lot, so also during my test ride. After thirty minutes I was just done with it! I’m definitely not ready yet for running outside in this freezing cold.

For now I’m going to do more test rides until the coughing is (almost) done and the weather is a bit warmer than now. Without coughing running in the freezing cold is quite a challenge with asthma.

I am actually worried if I will get half marathon ready in time. The preparation so far has been far from ideal. I just can’t fail this. Not this.

What do you do when you’re not sure if your preparation is going right? If life happens just too much? Shit like this stresses me out. I can’t control illness or injuries. All I can do is give it my all. But it still freaks me out not being able to control it all, I want it to be perfect.

2 thoughts on “Post-flu things

  1. cat h bradley says:

    When training doesn’t go as planned, I often try to tweak my game plan. So if i was going to try and go all out and get a PR, I might change my goal to just finishing. I think the great thing about the half marathon is that it is a doable distance–even if you can’t take it on full force like you want, you can still have a great experience by adjusting your expectations and modifying how you tackle each mile. Be kind to yourself, and good luck!

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