Fuel save – #1 Crossfit Diary #11 Oslo Diary


Dear Diary,

I never thought I would ever say this, but I need more food! In the last 10 weeks I lost 4 kilos without any extra effort. My weight has been stable for more than a year. How did I lose that weight? No more hotel dinners three times a week. That’s all it took.

But with those kilos I also lost my power. Couldn’t lift my PR’s anymore at Crossfit. How annoying is that? You know you could lift it and now you can’t.

It got me thinking. The hotel food is fat and the portions are ridiculous big! So I ate a lot and a lot of fat. I don’t mind losing the weight. But how can I keep the muscles and still lose the pounds or stay this weight?

I Googled a lot about fat loss, muscles growth, macronitrients, supplements, what happens with your body when you’re weightlifting or running. I even got more confused than I already was. There’s so much to say about all of this.

If someone really knows about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m not sure how to manage my macro’s doing weightlifting and endurance sport. Should I eat more carbs on run days? And more protein on Crossfit days? Sounds logical to me.

I got me a container of protein powder (with a huge discount) with BCAA’s for post workout snack. I also got me some omega 3 pills. I remember eating a lot of fish during my hotel days and I actually never cook fish. For the soreness I maybe get me some magnesium pills. But I won’t take any other supplements.

If anyone could give me some pointers on what to eat or not to eat on run, crossfit or rest days, that would be so great!

Ps. all the food on the photo was just for 3 people……..


Me hungry!


Since a week of 3 I started training a little more often and  a bit more intense than before. Now I’m hungry all the time. I try to eat enough protein and (the right) carbs, foods with a lot of minerals and vitamins and calories. Yes a lot of calories, because I need it.

Last week I just ate half a casserole. The entire thing is meant for 4 people and I ate half of it. I never ate that much in one time. My body tells me what she needs, but I’m wondering if I’m not overdoing it. It kind of feels like I’m a food monster, a wolverine. I don’t skip meals, I eat (healthy) snacks, I try to eat a lot of veggies and fruit and to make recipes with lots of healthy and filling ingredients. But still, I eat a lot of food.

Maybe I should eat more for breakfast, or bigger snacks, or other types of food? Or just eat more? I don’t know. I really don’t know! Are there any other people like me? You workout about 4 – 6 times a week. Lifting heave and maybe running. I just can’t be the only one who eats half a casserole! Please?

The photo is funny story by the way. This was my PJ, movie, Christmas dinner for just 3 people.  I cooked al the dishes myself. I really like food and I also like cooking.  Not a big fan of Christmas, but this one I liked! Of course it was way too much. I had left overs for more than a week. Gave away a bunch of it. That was a bit overdoing it.

Can you imagine I’m a bit afraid I’m overdoing it again? By being hungry all the time. I’m getting a bit hungry right now, thinking so much about food. I hope there’s a ripe mango in the fruit basket. Or maybe some home made oven baked chips of a sweet potatoe?

Ps. If you want recipes, I can e-mail it to you.

Soul food


My mother is not a good cook! I do love her to bits n pieces, but she’s a terrible cook. I love food and I love cooking. The proces from turning a few fresh ingredients to a lovely meal, seems like pure science to me. Combining flavours and colors… It is art. Besides that I like to fuel my body properly, healthy AND delicious. Yes, it is possible. I never eat a healthy meal that sucks. I always try new recipes, try new ingredients.
Food is not only fuel for the body, it works for the spirit too. Food makes you happy, gives you good memories, makes a family come together, unites allies.
That’s why I love food. Enjoy, eat and laugh.