No goals, just recovery


About five weeks ago I hurt my back again. During my one and only holiday this year. I’m not kidding. Despite my back problems, getting a cold and the rainy weather I really enjoyed my holiday. It felt like holiday, it just felt good. Sea, beach, surfing, yoga, good food, fine wine. I couldn’t wish for more. Well, maybe a bit more sun.

I went to South France in my brand new car with a couple of people I’ve never met before. Kinda scary, but good scary. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfortzone to do really amazing things. Maybe I’ll tell you more about my holiday in an other post.

This year I got injured twice. Not by doing crossfit or what so ever. I noticed, when I wasn’t in my regular training routine, my injuries seem te happen. Lesson learned; no matter how busy, always try to keep my training regime in order.

My goals for the rest of 2015, getting in my old good shape with running and crossfit. First won’t be easy though. Me and running haven’t always been friendly and I still haven’t found my running mojo again. This week I started with doing really short runst, trying get my mojo back.

With weightlifting and crossfit I have to listen to my body really carefully and slowly make it heavier. I also need to add a lot of mobility work for my squat position and the shoulders. And just practice and practice. All I want is to get strong and painfree again. For 2016 more strength and skills and maybe triple unders… No way… LOL

Ps. I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. But life kinda happened you know.


No air – #10 Oslo Diary


No ai-ai-air… That Jordin Sparks song pops in my head. I actually like that song. It’s nice poppy and easy. For years I used to have no air. Running with no air. The feeling of breathing through a thin straw. Breathing as hard as you can and you alway will gasp for more air. Your legs have still so much strength left, but if feels like your lungs are dying. Nothing more frustrating for a runner. It happened I finished my run almost crying of frustration.

Okay, it doesn’t feel like that on a easy jog, but when you try to run a pace of normal humans, it feels like you can die any minute. But when you work just as hard as anybody else, you want to be as fast as anybody else. I know it will always limit me in some way, but I just knew I had to find out if I could make it happen to be less of a hurdle for me.

So I decided to look for someone who could help. I asked for help on Twitter, it took me three times to find the right person who could help me. We made an appointment in the hospital, did some tests and we changed my medication.

Long story short… I have been taking the new meds for about five weeks. The first two weeks I couldn’t train full throttle due to several reasons. Last three weeks I have running according to the schedule. Different types of runs, easy runs, interval and tempo runs.

And guess what? I think it’s safe to say I’m getting a faster bit by bit. Really! As I look at the charts of my Nike app, my pace is getting faster. I wanted this for so long, you can’t imagine how happy I am. I actually almost cried of happiness. I now it sounds silly, but I’m just so happy!

A choice I can’t make – #2 Oslo Diary

They even have my name on it! :-D And 50% off, I just couldn't resist.

My new weightlifting shoes, they even have my name on it! I put them right on the table on my study books. LOL

Sometimes I hate a week has only 7 days and that a body can only take a certain amount of physical activity per day. There is a constant battle between my lovely running and my powerful Crossfit. And I don’t like it. To keep it fun I can only do about 4 or 5 workouts a week in total for both running and Crossfit. The problem is that I really get so sore from Crossfit that I can’t do a decent run the day after. If it’s an easy run, not that bad, but for a tempo run or  a really long run… Oh boy, pain and agony. You should’ve seen my face during those runs.

Of course I could run less or do less CrossFit, but for me that’s not an option. 2015 is a very important year for my running ( yes, my first marathon!) and I noticed last year that CrossFit actually benefits my running. Besides the fact I really want to be a badass athlete in CrossFit. Wich is a really really really long way to go, but that’s okay.

And actually I want to do both 3 times a week. That means a total of 6 times a week. 3 times CrossFit means 3 hours per week. But for running it’s not that easy. The more I progress in my marathon training schedule the more time it will take. Especially with the long runs. I’m not a fast runner, I mean really not fast! An 18 mile run can take a lot of my time!

What I’m trying to say, that it’s definitely difficult to fit your goals in your daily life. I mean I do have a full time job, still studying for a degree, want to have a nice social life, also have other hobbies and sometimes I just want to do nothing. I really need nothing time! It’s hard, but possible.

I found a way to make it a little bit easier. Doing the technical lifting work and the easy runs in one day! I tried it this Sunday; an early Sunday run and a technical lifting training in the evening. I do have to take good care about food intake, but other than that it actually felt great! Yay!

I don’t know if I can keep this up all the way to the final day, but it’s worth to give this a go. I don’t know if you can relate to this kind of ‘problems’. If you do, please share and also if you found a way make it work for you.

Keep on running, or just whatever you like to do!

Ps: Don’t you just like my new shoes? I’m in love. They even have my name on it.

New Year’s Eve – #1 Oslo Diary


New Year’s Eve? Well, that is when I did something really crazy. No, there was no drinking involved!

Around 11 pm at New Year’s Eve I signed up for my very very first marathon! And the second after I hit the enter-button it scared the shit out of me. What did I do? I signed up voluntarely to run 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometres. After my two half marathons I always said, that I never ever would run a marathon. That is what I said after my first half and my second half marathon.

Why the hell did I sign up? That’s a very good question. I’m not sure if I know the answer myself, besides the fact if I’m physically capable of running 26 miles. During both of my half marathons everything started to hurt after 12 kilometers, luckily there were only 9 kilometres left. But with a marathon that would be 30 (!!!!!!) kilometres. Do you see the difference? That worries me most. 30 kilometres of pain and hurt. I just don’t know if I can do that. And if my body can handle a marathon training schedule. I don’t know either.

Besides that, I have asthma and even with two kinds of medicines it still holds me back. My lungs are dying when I push myself real hard with running or CrossFit. Judged on the facts it is almost doomed to fail.

But that day before New Year’s Eve it came up a couple of times with several people. It kept lingering around in my head the entire day, the entire evening. I started thinking; what if…? I checked on Google what would be a nice marathon to run. Before I knew it, I was browsing on the Nordic site of Oslo marathon ( I’ve never been to Norway, so this seemed a good reason to go there). I consulted my best friend on the phone, What should I do?. He said; Just do it! If you set your mind to something, it will be done! No matter how you get it done, but you do it. So just do it!

But I still doubted myself so much. Pain & asthma, my two enemies. I’m afraid of them, all the time.

Then it hit me. The only way to know if I can run 42 kilometres, is to train for it and to run it. And the need to know, was suddenly growing bigger and bigger. So at 11 pm I signed up for my first marathon! Save the date: 19th September 2015. 248 days and 15 hours to go.

It won’t be easy, it will be hard and painful, there will be times I wish I never signed up, but I just need to know if I can do it! Hope you bear with me and support me. Help me push through and cheer for me if I cross that finish line. I will keep you posted on my marathon journey.

Oslo here I come!