Happy camper

Last Sunday I had a sprint triathlon and I took my own advice. Because you know what I did?

I had fun! Yes, I had to dig deep and I had pain and I was undertrained, but I had tons of fun! Of course it wasn’t like this before the start. Because of many reasons. I have a lingering knee injury wich keeps me from training properly. Runs longer than 5k are not in order, cycling on high watts neither. So i felt not well enough prepared and yes it made me insecure.

But then I thought; Wait a minute! I know I still can do this, not at my fastest pac, but I already paid, let’s go! And for the first time I enjoyed the race. Had my best swim, cycling went fine, the run was painful of the cramping legs, but I still had so much fun! And I could have beat myself up about the swim not being fast enough, I should have pushed harder on the bikeleg and not to be such a pussy during the run. But I didn’t for a change. I was happy and satisfied with my results. And I was so proud of myself I actually enjoyed the whole thing.

With this mindset and energy I can start the next phase in my life; recovery! I’ve been battling with an annoying knee injury for a while. Because of that I can’t participate in the planned Ironman 70.3 Vichy for charity this year. Luckily I get a second chance next May. I love them second chances, don’t you?

It might look like a setback. But maybe it is the opposite and get way more stronger and better. Wouldn’t that be great.

So the next few weeks maybe months it’s about healing and recovery. Making a recovery plan with my PT soon. And get better and stronger. So I can run freely again, literally! And cycle as much and heavy as I please to. I hope I can still ad a sprint or two if PT will let me. Would be nice close this season with a bang!

After that I will be training with a professional coach for my next triathlon season. It sounds so professional. And saying this makes me so excited! Next May I just want to be in my best shape ever. I know and believe with all my heart there is still so much room to improve. I’m still very new to swimming, same with cycling. And I also have the feeling I can get faster at running. So why train with someone who knows about this all?

Can’t wait to start this new adventure. For the time being, get as many swims in as possible and get rid of this injury and get stronger physically and mentally.
Is there anything you want to improve in your life?

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