Go big or go home

In my last post I told about my insecurities and selfdoubt. Since then I really got inspired and I’ve got a big plan to nail that selfdoubt and insecurity. But that is not the biggest reason why I’m up for this epic big plan.

Let me tell you.

Once there was a former Olympic swimmer, Maarten van der Weijden, who decided to swim to most epic iceskating tour of all ages to raise money for several cancer researches. The eleven city tour, in Dutch it’s called the elf stedentocht. Once you have finished that tour you have made it. It is more than 200 kilomtres at once, you start in the middle of the night, it’s freezing cold, it’s often windy, it’s brutal. If you are not Dutch it’s hard to explain the madness of it. Finishing it on iceskates is rather an accomplishment, but trying to do it swimming is rather a crazy adventure. But he tried a few weeks ago.

He swam for days and nights, people cheered him on from the land day and night, while he kept swimming and swimming. Unfortunately on doctor’s orders he to quit about 60 kilometres before the finish. But still, he is our hero. The willpower, the skills, the stamina…

It inspired the crap out of me.

So scrolling through my Instagram feed I stumbled upon a sponsored post of Kika Extreme. You can register for an awesome physical challenge to raise money for Kika ( a Dutch children’s cancer free foundation). You could choose between the Great Wall (half) marathon, obstacle race and 70.3 Ironman Mallorca.

I decided to register for the 70.3 Ironman. With hardly two sprints under my belt and with the slowest swim of the competition, it seems almost impossible to achieve. Not just the fact I’m a really bad swimmer, but also the asthma thing, makes it double challenging. But I’m willing to work and fight so hard for this. Children with cancer don’t have the choice but to fight for their lives. Then who am I to chicken out? I am more than willingly to work my butt of to finish that 70.3 Ironman and to raise money for children’s cancer research.

The moment I clicked the send button, I almost got a panic attack.

What did I do???

Where did I gotten myself into?

Can I do this?

Me? A slow (asthma) athlete?

It will be a difficult and hard road to 70.3 Ironman ready. But I will do this. No matter how frustrated I will get, no matter how insecure I will feel about my abilities, this is my go big or go home challenge. No concessions…

If you want to help me raise money, please check here. No matter how much, everything helps!

If you are a very experienced swimmer and you give me a few pointers, I would love to hear them. Mental support is also very very welcome. I’m gonna need it desperately! For sure!

Let’s start this adventure!

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