Bit of a knee down

Last Sunday was my first race of 2018. Wasn’t super well-prepared, nor really bad prepared. But it’s January, it can be chilly, wich can be difficult for my asthma lungs. On Thursday before the race felt pain in my right knee, during my last run. So I was not sure what to expect on Sunday. It made me quite nervous and insecure.

We drove to Egmond at sea a small town at the North Sea. For a job I stayed in a hotel for a while in 2016, so I knew the running grounds, it is beautiful to run out there. Never a dull moment. Beach, dunes, nature reserve with a lot of small animals. If you’re lucky you can spot a fox or a pheasant at sunrise or sundown. You must understand I was pretty stoked to run here again.

With a wind from the east it felt more chilly than the predicted 3 degrees Celsius. Luckily no rain, so no complaining here. We were running (no pun intended) a bit late. So our group already started when we finally arrived at the starting line.

First I had a nasty dry throat cough, but the lungs and the legs felt nice and strong. I was happy and excited! Yes, let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s gooooo!

Long story short, after 4 kilometres my knee hurt pretty bad. Tried to run further, but I couldn’t. Tried to walk-run, it did hurt even more. And it was the left knee, not the right one…

Because I did want to get that stupid medal, I decided to walk the rest of the 6 kilometres. I was so angry, felt so sad and disappointed. Finally it felt good and strong and then this happens! Why? I might have shed a little tear along the way to the finish line. And people were cheering me on and I had to say I injured my knee, that I couldn’t run anymore. I felt like a failure. I couldn’t enjoy the crowd or nature or the anything. I got really cold, I did sweat a little during the short run and walking the rest of the race made me a frozen popsicle. I just was done with it!

So this was my personal best on my slowest 10k. Of course I thought of this later. At the moment I was too pissed off to think about something funny at all. But a personal best is a personal best!

And I realized it better be happening now than right before my half marathon. I’d better make some plans to make all my weak running muscles strong and do all the accessory work. I was being really lazy with that. So you might say I had it coming and this was the warning. Maybe I should listen this time.

Nine days have passed since then. Too afraid to take a test run. But I will try within a few days. My physical therapist told to a take rest from running for a week. But with zero motivation it’s already been nine days. I did do some cycling and swimming. Yes my first swimming course . I will keep you updated on the knee thing and also about my first swimming lesson!

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