Bucket list item

I don’t like water, except my own hottub baths I regularly take, I don’t like swimming, I’m really bad at it, I really really really suck at it. I don’t even know how to do a proper freestyle stroke. My asthma makes it even more challenging. And her I am, with all my swimming accessories. They’re not even all in the picture.

Whatcha gonna do with all that stuff?

I’m going way beyond my comfort zone to finally fulfill a long awaited item on my bucket list!


Working on a long awaited bucket list plan is way more exciting than a ‘regular plan, but also way more scarier. Not just because it is a bucket list plan, but also the activity itself.

Let me explain it to you. It must have been five or six years ago when the seed was planted for a finishing a (sprint)triathlon. But it died a silent death, no money for a bicycle, no swimming skills, I just couldn’t get it right in my head and I forgot about it.

Last summer I bought a second hand carbon racing bicycle. Turned out I got totally hooked! Then suddenly I remembered I had a dream a few years ago. I thought; I am already running and cycling… It’s just a swim away from a triathlon. Suddenly I felt the time had come to get this bucket list item checked in the box!

So I Googled my ass off. I found a triathlon club in my hometown. If it goes according to plan I’ll start a triathlon beginners course in March. You learn how to prepare for a sprint triathlon, how to do the transitions, how to fuel, how train. And at the end of the course you have your first official sprint triathlon. Also in my hometown!

But first things first, next week Friday I’ll start my swimming course. I’m already nervous. I’m still not comfortable in the water, my swimming skills are zero. I’m just not drowning and that’s it. I’m going to make a fool out of myself.

But even if I would make a fool out of myself, I’m here to learn. I pay money for it, the coaches are here to make a decent swimmer. So what if I make a fool out of myself? Who cares?

I’m very excited to see how I will make progress. Mainly the swimming, but also the running and cycling of course. If I like it. I really hope I like it. Because after June I want to do at least one sprint triathlon and one quarter triathlon. And for 2019 my triathlon are even bigger! I really want to make this work.

I will let you know how my first swimming lessons was. If I survive of course. Haha. Did you have to do anything outside of your comfort zone to reach a goal? What was it and did you succeed?

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