I’ll be back

Last year has been a big challenge mentally and physically and it still is, but I always see a silver lining. Well not everyday, but most of the days. I’m working hard to get back and back in a better place. That means sometimes two steps forward, one step back.  And sometimes it one step forward and three steps back.

The point is not to give up and keep going, even if you don’t feel like it. One tiny inch of progress is progress. But I tend to forget that more often, than I should. And when I forget, I start comparing myself to others, to their perfect careers, their perfect relationships, their perfect social lives, their excellent athlete lives. It makes me insecure and it makes me feel small and makes me feel like a screw up. But why do I do that? First of all, it’s not always what is seems like. And second we are all unique with our own lives and we all have our own paths leading to different goals.

So, now I need to focus on my own life, my own progress. Of course easier said than done. But if start comparing myself to other people again, I need a quick reminder it’s their lives and my life is my life.

Let’s start preparing stuff so 2018 will be the most awesome year ever! That bring us to the next question, what will be my goal(s) in 2018? I will figure that out soon enough. Like the Terminator said: I’ll be back!

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