Racing the dream part II


Crazy weeks and it’s gonna be even more crazy. I had an another exam and I passed! I still have lots and lots of tests and exams to go, but first things first. Running is going pretty good and CrossFit/weighlifting is going well either! Check!

My motorracing adventure is still in preperation. Still not happy about my laptimes, but I’m making progress mentally and adding some skills. Yes I do have the slowest bike, but I have to be honest, I’m definetely not the most talented rider. Maybe it is even more awesome to pursue something you are just not good at! Or just plane stupid. I haven’t figured out yet wich one. But I do know, you just have to have fun and enjoy whatever dream you’re chasing.

Today I had the entire day of track practice wich intense coaching. Even though my laptimes didn’t improve, I had an awesome day. I gained my confidence on the track, I learned a lot and I had a lot of fun. And that’s the most important thing!

So even if you suck at it, but you like it, DO IT ANYWAY! And don’t let anyone steal the fun from it, even not if it’s you…


Back up – #13 Oslo Diary


I jinxed it! Bragging about how awesome and fast I got with my running. Bam! The next day sore throat and a cold and 10 days a lot of stress and studying. I missed 2 runs in 10 day and running felt heave and not awesome anymore. Worst thing is, I failed that stupid test too. Took a week off from work to study and now it seems a waste of my vacation day. I’m definetely not gonna do that again. I have to be honest, I’ve been in a bad mood for 2 days for not passing that exam. Studied really hard, but maybe not good enough.

Yesterday I did my first heavy run again. It was just a bit slower than my fastest run two weeks ago. So the damage wasn’t that big. Well I guess this is how it goes. With ups and downs. Not just with running, but with everything. And I think we have to remember that taking a step back isn’t the end of the world. And in sometimes you’re becoming even better & stronger after taking a step back.

Ps. Yesterday I took a pictury of my sister’s puppy. I know it has got nothing to do with my writing, but I just love puppies!