#12 Oslo Diary


I couldn’t come up with a proper title for this piece. When I started to write about my marathon adventure, I promised myself to write at least one piece each week, but it seems I can’t keep that promise. And it annoys the crap out of me. I mean writing one piece each week, should be easy to do even for busy bee like me. But no…

Sometimes a day seems to be too short. Sometimes I’m just tired. Sometimes I just want to watch TV. Sometimes I just want to take a nap. And to be honest sometimes I just don’t know what to write. Sorry, but it’s true.

This blog is for fun and I don’t want to feel pressure or guilty when I don’t post stuff on time. I need to remember that at all times.

Oh and besides my whining. My running so going awesome! (knock on wood). My pace is going down gradually and the runs are getting longer! I’m really happy about that! And I’m soooo close to a sub 60 10K! When I run that sub 60, I’ll probably gonna cry! The thought of being so close, makes me actually really nervous. It’s like my Moby Dick and I’m captain Ahab.

But when it happens I will let you know for sure! That’s a solid promise.


Fuel save – #1 Crossfit Diary #11 Oslo Diary


Dear Diary,

I never thought I would ever say this, but I need more food! In the last 10 weeks I lost 4 kilos without any extra effort. My weight has been stable for more than a year. How did I lose that weight? No more hotel dinners three times a week. That’s all it took.

But with those kilos I also lost my power. Couldn’t lift my PR’s anymore at Crossfit. How annoying is that? You know you could lift it and now you can’t.

It got me thinking. The hotel food is fat and the portions are ridiculous big! So I ate a lot and a lot of fat. I don’t mind losing the weight. But how can I keep the muscles and still lose the pounds or stay this weight?

I Googled a lot about fat loss, muscles growth, macronitrients, supplements, what happens with your body when you’re weightlifting or running. I even got more confused than I already was. There’s so much to say about all of this.

If someone really knows about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m not sure how to manage my macro’s doing weightlifting and endurance sport. Should I eat more carbs on run days? And more protein on Crossfit days? Sounds logical to me.

I got me a container of protein powder (with a huge discount) with BCAA’s for post workout snack. I also got me some omega 3 pills. I remember eating a lot of fish during my hotel days and I actually never cook fish. For the soreness I maybe get me some magnesium pills. But I won’t take any other supplements.

If anyone could give me some pointers on what to eat or not to eat on run, crossfit or rest days, that would be so great!

Ps. all the food on the photo was just for 3 people……..

Racing the dream

Ital 188

There are moments in your life when dreams do come true. That moment when it suddenly hits you, that split second you realise a dream will come true. That feeling is priceless! I highly recommend it.

It happened to me about two weeks ago. I didn’t think this dream would ever come true, because I gave up on this one. But two weeks ago I decided to still persue this one and it will happen in a few months. The moment you decide it will happen and you know it will happen. Endorphins all over the place!

The 31th of may I will ride my very first official motorrace!

About 5 years ago I made a promise that before I turned 40, I would do an official motorrace. I really don’t know why I wanted to do it, but I just felt like I had to. At that time it didn’t seem that realistic at all, but eh, you need to have a dream. I got some track experience here and there, I even went to Spain for a week of training. To be honest I was one the slowest. Two things: my motorcycle was kinda slow and I don’t have the gift of being fast. I guess it’s theme in my life.

After getting a faster bike, I still not satisfied with the results. So I thought, you know what, I tried, I’m just not good at this. And I don’t really have a decent budget for this. Let’s focus on running and CrossFit. I made that decision and it was good. I focused on my running and Crossfit and I loved it, actually I still love it! Never want to do without it.

A month ago all my biker friends posted their racing plans on Facebook. And this year there is a ladies racing cup at the annual Ducati Club Races. But that still didn’t win me over. Not until on of my best friends posted she signed up for the Ladies Cup. At that moment I knew I had to do it.

So I signed up… It’s going to happen. I probably will be last, but it won’t bother me (as much as it used to). I’ll be having so much fun with all my friends. I just can’t wait. This dream will become reality. How awesome is that? 😀