No air – #10 Oslo Diary


No ai-ai-air… That Jordin Sparks song pops in my head. I actually like that song. It’s nice poppy and easy. For years I used to have no air. Running with no air. The feeling of breathing through a thin straw. Breathing as hard as you can and you alway will gasp for more air. Your legs have still so much strength left, but if feels like your lungs are dying. Nothing more frustrating for a runner. It happened I finished my run almost crying of frustration.

Okay, it doesn’t feel like that on a easy jog, but when you try to run a pace of normal humans, it feels like you can die any minute. But when you work just as hard as anybody else, you want to be as fast as anybody else. I know it will always limit me in some way, but I just knew I had to find out if I could make it happen to be less of a hurdle for me.

So I decided to look for someone who could help. I asked for help on Twitter, it took me three times to find the right person who could help me. We made an appointment in the hospital, did some tests and we changed my medication.

Long story short… I have been taking the new meds for about five weeks. The first two weeks I couldn’t train full throttle due to several reasons. Last three weeks I have running according to the schedule. Different types of runs, easy runs, interval and tempo runs.

And guess what? I think it’s safe to say I’m getting a faster bit by bit. Really! As I look at the charts of my Nike app, my pace is getting faster. I wanted this for so long, you can’t imagine how happy I am. I actually almost cried of happiness. I now it sounds silly, but I’m just so happy!

7 thoughts on “No air – #10 Oslo Diary

      • nataliazen says:

        Maybe I should tell you, what kind of asthma I have. If I don’t take meds, I get bronchitis all the time. That’s where I’m taking flixotide for (a red orange inhalor). For physical activities I take salbutamol (blue inhalor). I also suffer from allergies the entire year. So my is stuffed and restless all the time. So each morning I use a special nose spray (fluticasonfuroaat). And each night I take a pill(not reguler allergie pills) to keep my free from allergies.
        I used to take way too heavy doses of Salbutamol and the wrong meds for my allergies. Now my allergies are as good as gone. I’m really happy about that. I probably used about 2 tissue boxes each week. And I noticed I just have more air during running or crossfit. I consulted a specialist in asthma and sports. He knew just right away what I needed. It wasn’t cheap, but it already so worth it. A general doctor knows a lot, but he doesnt have a certain specialty. The names of the meds will be different in each country, but I hope this helps a bit.


      • Jenni says:

        That is brilliant! Are you in the UK?
        I take Flutiform which is a combination inhaler containing Flixotide… and it has a long acting bronchodilator that works like salbutamol but for 12 hours rather than 4 hours…


      • nataliazen says:

        No Netherlands. I used to take a combi inhalor, but it didn’t help that much and the dose of the salbutamol was way too high and it didn’t work better, than the lower dose, I used before that. Now I use the regular 2 times a day and salbutamol only when needed (if I go for a run or crossfit). Funny the names of the meds are the same.


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