So far – #9 Oslo Diary


A 1000 pages of art history

It has been a crazy busy week. Saturday I had this huge exam for my college. I have almost been studying 24/7. I didn’t do as much running and Crossfitting as I supposed to. But I did pass the test with 7 (B-?)! And that was my priority this week. Well, I did study for this subject a lot for the past 2 months. It’s not always easy to study for a degree next to your fulltime job. But it’s not impossible either.

To be honest my last 4 weeks of preparation sucked. Study, cold issues, my winter runners painful itch suddenly popped up again, work… Just life you know.

I started this post a week ago and I will finish it today. I am sorry this one took me so long. But… My running is going great since last week! Yay! Crossfitting not that great yet, my back is giving me a hard time. But that will turn okay too in the end. I will practice some gymnastics tonight and some light weightlifting.

So, okay running is okay again, Crossfitting not yet, but it will in a few weeks. I actually didn’t expect this prep would be with so many hurdles. The only thing that changed, I suddenly had a goal. My training schedule didn’t change that much. Did I unconsiously sabotage the overwhelming idea of training for a marathon? I don’t know, but from now on it will get better and better!

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