No air – #10 Oslo Diary


No ai-ai-air… That Jordin Sparks song pops in my head. I actually like that song. It’s nice poppy and easy. For years I used to have no air. Running with no air. The feeling of breathing through a thin straw. Breathing as hard as you can and you alway will gasp for more air. Your legs have still so much strength left, but if feels like your lungs are dying. Nothing more frustrating for a runner. It happened I finished my run almost crying of frustration.

Okay, it doesn’t feel like that on a easy jog, but when you try to run a pace of normal humans, it feels like you can die any minute. But when you work just as hard as anybody else, you want to be as fast as anybody else. I know it will always limit me in some way, but I just knew I had to find out if I could make it happen to be less of a hurdle for me.

So I decided to look for someone who could help. I asked for help on Twitter, it took me three times to find the right person who could help me. We made an appointment in the hospital, did some tests and we changed my medication.

Long story short… I have been taking the new meds for about five weeks. The first two weeks I couldn’t train full throttle due to several reasons. Last three weeks I have running according to the schedule. Different types of runs, easy runs, interval and tempo runs.

And guess what? I think it’s safe to say I’m getting a faster bit by bit. Really! As I look at the charts of my Nike app, my pace is getting faster. I wanted this for so long, you can’t imagine how happy I am. I actually almost cried of happiness. I now it sounds silly, but I’m just so happy!


So far – #9 Oslo Diary


A 1000 pages of art history

It has been a crazy busy week. Saturday I had this huge exam for my college. I have almost been studying 24/7. I didn’t do as much running and Crossfitting as I supposed to. But I did pass the test with 7 (B-?)! And that was my priority this week. Well, I did study for this subject a lot for the past 2 months. It’s not always easy to study for a degree next to your fulltime job. But it’s not impossible either.

To be honest my last 4 weeks of preparation sucked. Study, cold issues, my winter runners painful itch suddenly popped up again, work… Just life you know.

I started this post a week ago and I will finish it today. I am sorry this one took me so long. But… My running is going great since last week! Yay! Crossfitting not that great yet, my back is giving me a hard time. But that will turn okay too in the end. I will practice some gymnastics tonight and some light weightlifting.

So, okay running is okay again, Crossfitting not yet, but it will in a few weeks. I actually didn’t expect this prep would be¬†with so many hurdles. The only thing that changed, I suddenly had a goal. My training schedule didn’t change that much. Did I unconsiously sabotage the overwhelming idea of training for a marathon? I don’t know, but from now on it will get better and better!