Try again & again – #7 Oslo Diary


Me curled up on the couch wrapped in two blankets watching TV with a gallon of home made tea with lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper

My week schedule consists of 3 runs and 2 or 3 Crossfit sessions. If you plan ahead all your activities with a bit of discipline, it hardly can go wrong. But sometimes no matter how hard you try, and how well planned your schedule is, it just goes wrong…

Take a look at my week:

Sunday: Weekly long(er) run planned. In the second week of my fast 10K plan I was supposed to run easy pace for 50 minutes. No biggie, even I can do that! So I went running, lovely weather, no rain, sunny, about 7 degrees Celsius. And all of a sudden I got this painful itch. I’ve had this last winter a lot, so I didn’t run during the cold months. It seemed to be some sort of cold allergie. This winter nothing at all, except Sunday when it wasn’t even cold… So I had to quit after 15 minutes. I just couldn’t ignore that kind of pain and itch.

Monday: I went for the scheduled Monday run, 50 minutes pick me ups. That’s even easy, even for me… But crap, I forgot my pre workout snack, a banana with yoghurt and some nuts. Unfortunately I was a bit hungry. So halfway my run I got so shakey, even more hungry and moody, I had to go back earlier. So that one didn’t turn out great either.

Tuesday was a restday, my throat was a bit sore and I got a small cough. Wednesday I did some weight lifing, no PR’s, just a bit practice to grease the movement and a bit more cough. When I woke up Thursday my lungs hurt like hell, a nasty burning feeling. Coughing was really painful and icky. It felt like I got bronchitis. Bronchitis is a real b*tch having asthma. It sets you back 3 months of practice easily. Friday I felt a bit better, but I decided to skip my favourite weight lifing hour, just to get some more rest.

Saturday I did some easy weight lifting, but my lungs started to hurt in no time. Not a good idea. So today (Sunday) with a heavy heart I decided to take the next week off from running and weight lifting, well at least until Friday and even Sunday if needed. I need to give my body a break, let it heal and recover properly. Since December this is my 3rd cold. Before that I haven’t been ill in 2 years. Crazy, right?

I changed my asthma medicines radically a week ago, maybe that could be the cause or maybe a virus, or maybe both. I just don’t know. Either way I want to be strong and healthy again. I have to prepare for my marathon and I want to get better at Crossfit and get so much stronger. Besides that I hate being ill!

What I’m trying to say, is that life happens and it will ruin your plans all the time. I could stress about this or just go with the flow. I’d better take a break now and get well, than keep coughing and having colds all the time. Of course I hate not running or weigh tlifting for a week! But I have to see this in the long term. The sooner I get strong and healthy again, the better I will perform for my goals. And I allowed myself to do yoga, but just easy yoga, lot of stretching and breathing.

It’s okay if it doesn’t work out as planned.  I will get a bit behind on schedule, but luckily I scheduled some room for stuff like this. Just watch me, I will come back even better! 😀

What do you do, when life happens? You get ill, or really busy with work, your kids, or whatever?

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