Systematic Vol. II – #6 Oslo Diary


So, okay, I finally figured it out how to prep for my first marathon. It took me a while to figure it out, but I think I have it coverd now. I cut my prep in two pieces. Each piece or phase has a goal on its own. I think if you cut your prep in smaller pieces, it’s easier to stick to. From now till September seems really really long. If I divide it in 2, it’s only half as long. And it will keep me more focused. When I think, oh September, that’s still far far away. I’m getting lazy. But if I have to reach a goal in April, I think; Oh, I better get started right now!

Phase 1: Get my pace up! (or down?)

Phase 1 is to get faster. My goal is to run 10 sub 60 minutes. The magic time cap! My fastest 10K ever was 1:04. But under 1:10 only happened 1 time. To reach this goal already is a huge deal for me. I just want to be able to do this. And I hope this will make me faster for my marathon. I just gotta run this 10K sub 60! I have to! And I will.

For my super fast 10K I’m using the intermediate running plan from Coach Jenny. It’s a 10 week plan, based on 4 runs per week and on 4 different types of runs (pick ups, tempo, relaxed and long runs). You run on different levels according how easy or heavy your breathing or heartrate is. I let my breathing dictate how fast or slow I’m running, because I don’t have heart measure thing. Maybe one day I will get into all that, but not now. I started last Sunday and it will take until

I decided to do 3 runs each instead of 4 runs each week. I skip the easy run before the longer run, the third run. For my Glasgow adventure I also ran 3 times a week and it turned out just fine. Do I really need that fourth run to get faster? I hope not. Why only 3 runs, if the plan says 4 runs? Because I still want to do Crossfit 2 or 3 times a week. I noticed it thoughens me up in a good way and that’s just what I need for Oslo. I know it will be painful and I know I will suffer and I need to deal with that pain and get shit done! And of course I like to do Crossfit! šŸ™‚

Phase 2: Go for the distance!

Phase 1 ends half of April. The second phase starts at May 4th. I gave myself some room for 2 weeks. You never know if you get ill or injured. The second phase is simple; beginners schedule for a marathon! Based on the same principles as my intermediate 10K running plan. The only difference is this plan takes 20 weeks instead of 10. I haven’t decided yet if I will do 3 or 4 runs each week. Maybe I could switch it up each week, 2 times Crossfit, 4 runs and the other week 3 times crossfit and 3 runs.

Most important is to listen to my body carefully and keep doing yoga and stretching. My body really benefits from it. It I notice I get really fatigued, I will skip a run or a crossfit session. I believe pushing too hard will do more harm than good and I read it somewhere. I really don’t know, if this is the best approach to perform well on my first marathon. But it sounds pretty solid. There’s only one way to find out! JUST DO IT!

And if it doesn’t work out, I can tweak it a bit, till it works perfectly. As simple as that. I love to run or to go the gym 5 to 6 times a week, but sometimes life happens. Work, relationships, ending relationships, getting sickd or other crazy stuff that will occupy your mind and turn your life upside down. Though running helps for the last options, it clears the brain. Like therapy, but for free.

Oh and I better don’t forget to ad some hill work in my prep… I will be fully prepared this time!

How did you prep for your first (half) marathon? Was it easy? Or not?

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