Time flies



Since I hit my thirties time flies. It’s already june, while in my head we just had New Year’s. And what have I done meanwhile? Not enough I guess. Of course that’s not entirely true!

In February I started college… Again. 35 and student again. It just felt like I had to do this. So I did and has been going pretty well. I actually like to study. If I keep going at this pace, I can get my Bachelor’s degree in 4,5 years and my Master’s degree in 1,5 year after that.

It isn’t always easy to study, to have a fulltime job, to keep all my hobbies alive and maintain a social life. I try to keep a tight schedule, not just for studying, but for my workouts too. Sometimes I fail big time, but most of the time it really works! I also schedule time just to do nothing and not feel guilty about. I need that time, just for not going insane.

Do I have regrets for flunking out when I was young? Yes, I do sometimes. Well, actually all the time. But it’s never too late to fix mistakes. So I will fix this mistake and enjoy each moment along the journey.

Never hesitate if life gives you a second chance.

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