Slightly sad

Since november 6th I have a small knee injury, it is called a runners knee. I can walk, workout, do weight training, yoga, but after 1,5 km of running, the outside of my knee hurts like crazy. Since a couple of weeks I get treatment by a physiotherapist, I have to do some exercises and a small interval training. I notice each week my stamina is getting worse, my heart rate is going up and after two minutes of running I really need my minute of walking. This is a point where you could just give up and quit running. But I love running, even if I’m not that good at it. Keeps me easy in my head, keeps the extra weight away and it just makes me feel stronger in body and mind.

I have to be honest, I am really dissapointed about my recovery. Actually there is no recovery at all! I see people run everywhere and all I can do is… Nothing. It frustrates me big time. I try to stay in shape with some light weight traing and a little yoga, but still my physical shape isn’t that good anymore. I have to be patient and do my best at therapy, but sometimes I just get too frustrated.  Last time at therapy my knee got even worse than before and I’m afraid it might get worse than before. I know it is nothing compared to losing a limb or something, but I just hate not being able to run for a while.

Worst thing is, I was in my best shape ever in my whole running career.  But the thing in sports is to never give up. To keep going even if you have to cry. even if you’re in pain, even if you don’t want to do it anymore.

Time will tell and I need to be patient.

Wish me luck.

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