I’m on day 13 of my Project 365. Yes indeed, Friday the 13th.  I really don’t care seeing a black cat or walking under ladders. I might just do it on purpose.

Since yesterday I’m having big trouble getting inspired. If I ask people what to draw, I don’t like their suggestions and my mind feels kind of bored. And that’s my flaw, I get bored way too easily. I lose my focus to quick when things are not challenging anymore. And even my muse of today couldn’t help me out.

If I stick it till day 366, that would be the biggest victory in my whole entire life. Because I know it litterally is going to take blood, sweat and tears. And a lot of perseverance. I wonder if I should allow myself to some alternatives in times I really get bored or really don’t know what to draw. I know I made a commitment to myself to draw something everyday, but also has to be fun, challenging and mind blowing.

It’s hard to shape my own projects, because there so many ways to do things right, but what is my way, to things right. The only way to figure that, is to try and keep trying, and than try again.

Well, I’d better get started on day 13.

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