Gift wrapped

A gift wrapped book

I was supposed to buy some art supplies for my Project 365 (actually 366 this year), but I ended up in the bookstore. The artshop was closed due to the annual stocktaking. Who still does that anno 2012?

Bookstores are my kryptonite. I just get weak and have no controle over my actions. There are just too many books I want to have. Each book whispers: “Buy me and I will make you happy. I can teach you a lot of new things, show you new worlds beyond your imagination.” How can I resist? I am only human! I have a lot of informative books, I like so many subjects, I just love to learn about a lot of things by reading. Besides that the fact I like to read, I truly heart good filled bookcases. My ultimate dream is to have study with one huge bookcase up to the ceiling with a ladder in a rail, filled with awesome books.

The most silly thing is, whenever I buy books for myself, I have them gift wrapped. I know it’s kind of stupid and I am really way too old for it. But it’s just so nice to unwrap a gift, even if you already know what’s inside. I just get so excited each time I open my own gifts.

So today another present for me! Yay, me happy.

Ps.: If you want to follow my Project 365 please check I started only yesterday, not yet that much to see, but still enjoy!

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